Skeletal structure of Tianeptine Sulphate
Tianeptine is an exceptionally useful tool for researchers looking to work with a well tolerated, atypical antidepressant that has also shown to be anxiolytic and neuroprotective.

Tianeptine Sulphate (Tianeptine hemisulfate monohydrate) is the sulphate salt of Tianeptine. The form that most vendors offer is Tianeptine Sodium, which is an effective compound but can be difficult to handle and store properly due to its highly hygroscopic nature. While we will be offering Tianeptine Sodium to interested researchers shortly, we highly recommend the Sulphate that we have available here. Tianeptine Sulphate also offers some additional benefits for those looking to get more out of their Tianeptine research.

Third party testing has been completed on this batch, as with every batch of every chemical available at Star Nootropics.

Chemical Name: Tianeptine hemisulfate monohydrate
Packaging: Amber glass vials.
Analytical Test Results:
Current batch: NSN9800 Assay

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