Skeletal structure of Tianeptine Sodium
Star Nootropics is proud to bring you Tianeptine Sodium, the most commonly available and most researched form of Tianeptine. This is an exceptionally useful research tool for those interested in a well tolerated, atypical antidepressant that also happens to possess a number of other useful properties, ranging from neuroprotection to alleviating the symptoms of ADHD.

Tianeptine Sodium (Tianeptine sodium salt) is the sodium salt of Tianeptine. This compound can be difficult to handle and store properly due to its highly hygroscopic nature. It will absorb water from the air in a surprisingly short amount of time. We package the powder in an dehumidified room, sealing it in amber colored glass vials with caps that feature world class phenolic Polyseal™ cone liners, which effectively seal the contents inside the vial. We then place the vial and a small package of dessicant inside a resealable mylar bag. We highly recommend that you keep your Tianeptine Sodium stored this way during the duration of your research. For simpler handling characteristics, consider our Tianeptine Sulphate. The sulphate form of Tianeptine does not absorb moisture like the sodium, making it easier to store and use.

Third party testing has been completed on this batch, as with every batch of every chemical available at Star Nootropics.

Chemical Name: Tianeptine Sodium Salt
Packaging: Amber glass vials.
Analytical Test Results:
Current batch: NSN9902 Assay
Previous batches: Click to view
NSN9901 Assay
NSN9900 Assay

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