Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering & Returns


What do you sell, and who to?

Star Nootropics (formerly New Star Nootropics) specializes in providing high quality bulk nootropic chemicals for the puposes of non-clinical research. These products are not sold for human or animal consumption. All buyers must agree to the terms and conditions of sale.

I am a medical doctor. I want to order your products to give to my patients.

Our products are not for human or veterinary use because none of them have been approved by the FDA. Please consult the FDA for the most up to date information.


How do you package your products?

All of our powders are packaged very securely to ensure a long product life. Depending on the bulk density of the powder, smaller quantities (typically 1-20 grams) are either packaged in amber glass vials, small amber glass jars, or dark amber PET jars. For larger quantities, we tend to prefer PET or HDPE jars over glass because they carry a lower risk of damage during shipping. We always use some form of tamper-evident seal, either in the form of a pressure seal or a shrink band.

What is the shelf life of your products? How should I store my powders?

Keep your powders in a dry place, away from excess light and heat. The dark amber walls of our containers are a darkened amber color, which helps to prevent light intrusion. Once opened, keep the product in the original packaging and tighten the lid securely after use. Stored this way, your nootropic powders will stay fresh for a minimum of 3 - 5 years. The only exception to this advice is our Centrophenoxine, which has a slightly lower shelf life of 2 - 3 years and prefers to be kept at little cooler. Refrigeration is recommended if you intend on taking longer than a few months to use the powder.

I want to order a large quantity of xxxxx. Can you split my order into several smaller jars?

Since we seal up our powders into various jar sizes shortly after delivery & lab testing, we don't always have large sealed containers available. Therefore, sending several smaller containers is often normal practice - but if you definitely require this, do please do contact us first to confirm. An example of a large order would be: 200g of Noopept. Due to low demand for such a large quantity of Noopept, we rarely package 200g containers and may send 2 x 100g jars instead.

Ordering & Returns

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit and debit cards via our secure server, right here on the website. You also have the option of checking out with Dwolla, a simple payment service that allows those of you with a US bank account to pay for your order. As for May 2016, we no longer accept PayPal as a payment option.

Is ordering secure?

Yes! When you hit the checkout button, the website address will read checkout.newstarnootropics.com, and a padlock symbol will appear on your browser. This indicates that the server is secured via SSL, and that any personal data entered will be transmitted securely using 256-bit encryption. Our website SSL server certificate is issued by Comodo CA, and the certificate on the checkout page is issued by the Digicert SHA2 Secure Server CA. You can verify the validity of the SSL certificate by clicking the padlock on the checkout page. Once your order has been transmitted, you can rest assured that your card details are safe. Our merchant backend does not allow us access to your full card number, and any further transactions are processed via our merchant provider's secure systems.

Help! I have been charged twice!

Please ensure that the house number and zip code of the billing address that you enter on the checkout screen matches the one on file with your bank. If it does not, your bank will still authorize the charge but we will decline it. This is an automatic process that is designed to reduce fraud. The charge will appear as 'pending' on your statement, and it may hang around for several days before disappearing. If you attempt to place an order multiple times with the same invalid billing address, multiple pending charges will accrue. If you have funds that are being tied up due to this, you can sometimes expedite the process of their removal by calling your bank. The best way of avoiding this is by entering your correct billing address at the time of checkout.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel an order, please do so as soon as possible. We generally ship out orders very rapidly, often as quickly as an hour after you order. To cancel your order, please reply to your order email, or email us directly at support@newstarnootropics.com. If it is within our office hours, you may contact us by phone on 808-498-8142. Our current office hours are listed here. All refunds are sent back to your original payment method. If you paid by credit card, the funds make take 2-3 days to appear in your account.

What is your return policy?

If you received an incorrect item, are missing an item from your order, or have another issue with an order that you have received, please contact us as soon as possible so we can rectify the situation.If your order is correct but you wish to return some or all of it, please refer to following policy:

• To initiate the return process, contact us within 30 days. You may do so by replying to your order or shipping confirmation emails, sending a new email to support@newstarnootropics.com, or using the contact form at newstarnootropics.com/contact.

• The 30 day period begins on the day that your order is delivered to you. The actual return may be made outside this period provided that contact is made with our customer service department as described above.

• The item you wish to return must be unopened, with any seal(s) provided remaining intact and unbroken. Products packaged in a glass or plastic jar are sealed with a tamper-evident induction liner that can be found beneath the cap, firmly affixed to the rim of the jar. Do not remove the liner unless you are sure that you are going to keep the product. Products packaged in glass vials are equipped with transparent plastic shrink bands. If you remove the shrink band, we will not be able to accept the product back for a return.

• If you order was delivered to an address within in the USA (excluding orders shipped to freight forwarders or other mail forwarding services), we will pay for the return shipping as long as you use the return shipping label we provide upon authorization of your return. We issue return labels via email as a PDF or image file, which can be printed and affixed to the returns package. If you desire, we can also send you the returns label via postal mail. Please package the item safely for transit.

• For orders shipped internationally to destinations outside of the USA, to freight forwarders, or to other mail forwarding addresses, you are responsible for all return shipping costs and for shipping the item(s) back to us with at least the same level of insurance and tracking that the item(s) was shipped to you with.

• You may choose to receive either store credit, an exchange, or a refund. Any refunds will be made to your original payment method. In the event that the original payment method is no longer available, cannot receive refunds, or is subject to other complications we will contact you and arrange an alternative method of refunding your payment. This may occur if you use a prepaid credit/debit card, offline cash payments in Mexico or Brazil, or various cryptocurrencies.

• Refunds made to credit or debit cards can take longer that you may expect to show as a credit on your bank or card statement. You should see a credit within 2 to 8 business days for cards issued in the USA, or 4 to 15 business days for cards issued outside of the USA.

• We do not charge a restocking fee.

• We will refund the actual price you paid for the physical items returned, minus any discounts applied at checkout. Any shipping fees you paid are non refundable, except in the event that the reason for the return is the result of an error that we made, such as if we sent you an incorrect item.


Where do you ship?

Star Nootropics is headquartered in the USA, and we will ship anywhere in the world. There are some country specific restrictions - please see Can I import your products to my country? below for more details.

How much is shipping?

USA shipping is free on all orders over $50. Shipping fees for international orders vary and are calculated at checkout. To find out what the shipping fee will be, add your products to the cart and then checkout. Change the country to yours, and the rates will be displayed.

How do you ship?

We love the USPS and use them exclusively. Lightweight orders use the 1st Class Package service (USA - 2 to 4 days). Heavier weight orders will ship via Priority Mail, which despite the name takes the same amount of time. Every USA order includes a full tracking number that will be provided to you when your order ships. Express Mail (USA - 2 days) is available for a reasonable fee on the checkout page. For orders to the rest of the world, we ship via national postal carriers and use either 1st Class Mail, Priority Mail, or Express Mail (EMS). You have a choice between them when you checkout.

How long will my order take to process and deliver?

Our website is up to date, so "in stock" and "out of stock" messages are accurate. Your order will be processed very quickly. Unless otherwise indicated on the front page of the website, 95% of domestic orders ship out on the same or next day and then take 2-5 days to reach you. We have found USPS to be far more reliable, quicker, and cheaper than we expected, so we have no need to use more expensive carriers like UPS or Fedex. Here is a breakdown of our domestic and international shipping speeds:

    Domestic (USA) shipping speeds:
      First Class Mail (most orders under 13oz):
        Delivery in 2-4 days in most cases. Includes tracking.
      Priority Mail (most orders over 13oz):
        Delivery in 2-3 days. Includes reliable tracking.
      Express Mail (optional service):
        Delivery in 2 days. Our headquarters are in Hawaii, so it is usually a 2 day service. If it takes longer, email us and we may be able to provide a refund for your shipping fee. Includes reliable tracking.

    International shipping speeds:
      First Class Mail International (for smaller orders):
        Canada: Delivery in 6-16 days. Includes tracking.
        Rest of the World: Delivery in 7-25 days. No tracking beyond the USA.
      Priority Mail International:
        Canada: Delivery in 6-12 days. Includes tracking.
        Rest of the World: Delivery in 6-14 days. Tracking is usually possible.
      Express Mail International (EMS):
        Canada: Delivery in 4-8 days. Includes tracking.
        Rest of the World: Delivery in 4-9 days. Includes tracking.

The delivery times quoted above start after we ship your package, which is usually within 24-48 hours. We have included a reasonable estimate of the time your package takes to clear customs, which can be anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of weeks, depending on the efficiency of the customs office in your country.

It has been 5 days, and my order is not here!

Shipping delays are unusual but do happen. The tracking link sent to you via email should show the location of your package. We are highly responsive to shipping problems, so if there appears to be a problem please do contact us ASAP so we can fix it for you. The best way of contacting us is by replying to your order confirmation or shipping confirmation email.

How do you prepare your packages?

Most of our orders ship in brown or white boxes, with an electronically generated shipping label on the outside. Some orders ship in USPS branded flat-rate materials. On the shipping label we shorten our name to New Star. Note that if you are an international customer, we list the contents of the package on the customs form. See below for more information.

Can I import your products to my country?

Whilst we make every effort to keep up on the status of our products in other countries, it is up to you to ensure that you are complying with your local regulations. We ship worldwide on a daily basis, and most international orders pass through customs quickly. Sometimes a shipment will be selected for further investigation because the items are not well known to most customs officers. This process is a normal procedure and clearance usually occurs within a few days. On rare occasions this process is very slow and inefficient, delaying delivery by a week or two. Our top countries for quick and easy importation are Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Some countries make it difficult for their citizens to import these sorts of chemicals. They will return a high percentage of shipments. For this reason, we DO NOT ship to the following countries:

Afghanistan, Cuba, Germany, North Korea, Norway, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates

As of March 2014 we are experiencing issues with shipments to Italy. Click here for further information.


As of March 2014, we are experiencing issues with shipments to Italy. The problems are predominantly but not exclusively with higher value shipments sent via the fastest mailing service, EMS. Italian Customs are unsure about the purpose of these items and are asking importers for further information via a letter. They are not saying that they items are explicitly prohibited. We highly recommend you contact us before placing an order so that you can provide us with clearance paperwork for Italian customs. Such paperwork can include a letter to Italian customs outlining your intended use.

For further information, we highly recommend that you contact the Agenzia delle Dogane.

My country has high import taxes. Can you reduce the listed value of the contents?

We are asked this question very often and our answer is always the same - no. This is because customs fraud is illegal in both the USA and the country we are shipping the order to. We are not able to mark your package as a gift, reduce the value, or change the description on the customs forms. This applies to all international orders of any value. When you import goods - especially to a European country - your order may incur customs processing fees, taxes, and/or import duties. If you order large quantities or use EMS shipping, your order is more likely to incur such charges. Further information is usually available on the website of your local customs agency. For example, information for the UK is available at the HMRC website.