Star Nootropics was founded in 2012 as 'New Star Nootropics' by a husband and wife team: Robert Corlett and Shasta Fox. We are a vanguard corporation that aims to advance and further the development of nootropic compounds; these include but are not limited to the Racetam family of chemicals. Our name has recently changed to Star Nootropics, reflecting our success at maintaining our reputation as one of the most reliable, trusted, and affordable nootropics vendors on the planet.

Star Nootropics is one of the first nootropics vendors to use third-party analytical testing. Before Star Nootropics, many companies were happy to present dubious CoA’s supplied by questionable offshore facilities (be careful - many still are). Since our formation in 2012, we have secured reliable relationships with analytical testing laboratories in the United States. As a result, all of our chemicals are sent for either an LCMS and HNMR evaluation, or a comprehensive Assay. Most of our HNMR and LCMS testing is currently completed by qualified chemists at Emeryville Pharmaceutical Services in Emeryville, CA, while our Assay testing is completed by Colmaric Analyticals in Hendersonville, TN. The testing process is considered complete once we have reached a firm conclusion on the data, ensuring that our clients receive an authentic and pure end product.

We value our customers, and always strive to ensure customer satisfaction. Robert Corlett, Shasta Fox, and the rest of the Star Nootropics team are available for questions at It is always a pleasure to meet so many nootropics enthusiasts. It has been an amazing journey so far, and we look forward to the future!

Shasta Fox, Co-Founder, Star Nootropics

   Shasta Fox
   Co-Founder, Star Nootropics

Robert Corlett, Co-Founder, Star Nootropics

   Robert Corlett
   Co-Founder, Star Nootropics